A gentler and happier approach to health
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Melissa's Featured Products
Melt in Your Mouth by Melissa Chappell  
Melt in Your Mouth, Sweet Treats You Can Freely Indulge In
You’ll find over 50 Melt in Your Mouth recipes for such delights as Pumpkin Fudge Pie, Chocolate Cinnamon Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce, Cherry Pecan Cashew Ice Cream, Clove and Orange Oatmeal Cookies, Blueberry Maple Dessert Sauce, Peanut Butter Molasses Shake, Chocolate Covered Macaroons, and...I better stop, hadn’t I? I don’t want to torture you with dreams of guilt-free pleasures. I’ll let you go ahead and make your purchase now.
paperback: $14.99

Purposeful Eating by Raw Melissa  
Purposeful Eating
This digital book has 182 beautifully designed pages of amazingly useful information for starting on or continuing on the path to health. There are no 30-day challenges here, no food-restrictive diets, no body-crushing workout programs, only LOTS of well researched information to give you a really good foundation for taking a more gentle and happy approach to health. You’ll find chapters titled, How Emotions Affect Physical Health, How to Eat Purposefully, A Guide to Understanding Food Terms, and Setting Up Your Whole Food Kitchen.
e-book: $14.95

Melissa Chappell
the guilt-free way to take pleasure in food again, enjoy gourmet recipes with a conscience, and learn to heal yourself with a wholeness approach.