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heal yourself [healing for body and soul]

Nearly every woman I know has either had a health problem that she is now healed from, or is currently dealing with one. What moves me about the former group, is that we can heal, we have amazing bodies that know just what to do.

I'll never forget a story my mom told me years ago:
She was attending a health conference and a world renowned doctor was speaking. The doctor gave an encouraging speech that concluded with,

“remember, your body will be working to heal itself until the moment you pass from this life.”

What impacted me about the story, though, was that she relayed that part with tears in her eyes. She had been dealing with several health issues and felt abandoned and given up on by her body. The last sentence of the doctor’s speech gave her hope. It reminded her that her body was working every moment to heal and that she only needed to honor and respect the process of it and support it as much as she could, not only physically, but in every other way, as well.

Melissa and Tara Chappell

That experience inspired me to create these “healing support programs”- helpful programs that look at the whole of the person when approaching healing.

Each program includes the following:

  • A video lecture series with different professionals including doctors and other practitioners to help you better understand your ailment
  • A two-week eating plan to supplement your regular diet and support healing in the specific area you’re working on
  • A set of three meditations to use throughout your healing period
  • A yoga video class with gentle yoga poses specific to supporting healing in the area you're working on
  • A journaling workbook with prompts specific to healing
  • Interviews with other women who have worked on and solved this particular health problem, including alternatives they used, ways in which they holistically worked with their care providers, and what they've done to maintain healing and wholeness.
  • Lists of alternative methods, known to be specific to your particular ailment, that you can discuss with your care provider, including herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, vitamins and minerals, etc.
  • So much more!

I’m releasing Thyroid Healing Support and Adrenal Healing Support first, because I wanted to start with some of the health issues I’ve dealt with personally, issues that also happen to be some of the most common among women. Would you like us to work on a healing program for something you’re dealing with? E-mail us and let us know! We’d LOVE your feedback.

healing support programs
Thyroid Healing Support Program
Adrenal Healing Support Program
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Body Image/Shame
Healing Support Program
Fertility Healing Support Program
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Urinary Tract Healing
Support Program
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Melissa Chappell
the guilt-free way to take pleasure in food again, enjoy gourmet recipes with a conscience, and learn to heal yourself with a wholeness approach.