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endorsements and testimonials

I first met Melissa Chappell at a conference last summer where she taught attendees how to eat more fruits and veggies on a budget. I was immediately drawn to this woman who had a glow about her. She's beautiful–I'm talking gorgeous hair, engaging smile, flawless skin, generous, easygoing and passionate. Before the idea hit me for this "project" I'd only seen Melissa a handful of times since the conference. But since then I feel like we've been friends far longer than that. I'm sure everyone who gets to know her feels the same. You can't help but absolutely adore this woman!

Emily Hill, Author of the blog "Is This Really My Life?"

I love Melissa. And all of her food. She chef-ed a party for me and was fabulous!

Brittany Egbert, Owner of OneCharmingParty.com

...but 5 minutes into the class [by Melissa] I knew it was going to be a FABULOUS day.

[Melissa] prepared the most amazing FRESH FOOD dishes I have ever seen. And [she does] it with such ease. I walked away from the class knowing that ANYONE could make the recipes we were taught. You don't have to be a whiz in the kitchen to make beautiful and delicious meals for you family.

Steph, SLC UT, Author of thedailyblarg.com

Melissa invited me to her workshop at blue lemon this past Saturday…and I jumped on the chance to watch her in action and meet her in person. We've only shared correspondence through e-mail but when I introduced myself, we hugged like old friends. She is as beautiful, kind, and tenderhearted as you can imagine.

Jen, Writer of ClosingAGap.blogspot.com
...Not only is she a beautiful person (inside & out) but she has overcome & come out on top of TREMENDOUS trials in life. Melissa started her business, Raw Melissa, in response to needing to get out of an ...abusive [relationship] and being able to support herself & her children on her own. She received so much enthusiasm for her delicious raw meals & treats that she made it a large part of her business model. People are often shocked when they taste Melissa’s food because it’s soooooo healthy and also tastes completely delicious.

...Melissa proves to me daily that we can accomplish anything we set our hearts to, especially when our motives are pure (i.e. to help the ones we love).

I've learned so much from associating with Melissa about how to live life with joy and purpose. She teaches that we should infuse all the food we prepare with love, and truly, she does that. She shows how beautiful life is when we embrace things that make our bodies feel good & healthy. I love Melissa dearly & wish her nothing but joy & success in her journey.

Quinn Curtis, Owner of quinnxoxo.com
Since I have started blogging, one of the sunniest nicest ladies I have met... is Melissa. You may have seen and even tasted her... products at places like Good Earth and Real Foods Market. She is fun, beautiful and also a great cook who creates delicious healthy... foods. The [macaroons] are so good you would have never known healthy eating could be so good!

April Atwater, Owner of http://www.sweetandsimplemag.com/
My 3 picky children just devoured your coconut macaroons from Whole Foods...I didn't even make it to I-15 before they were gone! Thanks a bunch!

Nikki Mower, SLC Utah
I first discovered Raw Melissa macaroons at a nutrition store in St. George, Utah. I was hooked on them from the first bite. I was looking for healthy snack options. Upon reading the ingredients in this snack, I was immediately interested because this delightful treat contains all natural ingredients. I especially love anything with coconut, so these macaroons most definitely appealed to me. They are handy to take to work and satisfy those non-stop snack cravings. Two macaroons daily are all you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, and you can rest assured that you are eating something much more nutritional and satisfying than any other sugary-filled carbohydrate. Since finding this treat, I feel I have found a gold-mine. I used to feel that I had to have a little taste of chocolate each day – but now that I have discovered Raw-Melissa’s macaroons, they are all I need to feel satisfied. It was love at first bite forever for me.

Carma, St. George UT
Melissa Chappell
the guilt-free way to take pleasure in food again, enjoy gourmet recipes with a conscience, and learn to heal yourself with a wholeness approach.