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I rarely buy commercial dressings and usually whip up my salad dressings on the spot. With a little practice, you'll be known as the best dressing maker in your circle. You can also add mustard, olive juice, chopped pickles, barbeque sauce, mayo, and anything else that might make your dressing just right. And don’t forget the spices and herbs! Dill, thyme, parsley, marjoram, cumin, red pepper flakes, and curry powder are examples of just a few that work GREAT!

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The Community School of Midwifery

A couple years ago, my midwife friend approached me and asked me if I would like to be her business partner in a midwifery school that she had been running out of her home and office. Two years, several successes and students later, we are a full fledged school (with an actual school building, classrooms and teachers!) for out-of-hospital midwives who are working toward the national CPM credential. It's estimated by the United Nations Population Fund that we'll need 350,000 new midwives by the year 2020. Do you have what it takes to bring babies safely into the world? Join us!

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