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Lettuce Wraps
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I was teaching a three-day doula training several years ago in Southern Utah. It was hosted by two sisters and made all the food for the whole event. One night for dinner, they served a version of these lettuce wraps. They were so so delicious. I remember thinking that it was lightest, yet most filling dinner ever. A few years later, I was traveling with my best friend. We had the opportunity to stay in a secluded cabin on one of the many lakes of Maine and we were dying for some delicious and healthy food. We drove our car to the tiny little mom and pop market, and believe it or not, we found rice noodles and all the ingredients we needed to make these. It was a beautiful meal, shared with a wonderful friend, that I will never forget.

I hope you'll make it for friends and family, or simply for yourself. Let me know how it works out for you.

One variation or addition you can implement, is to also serve these with a little sauce of extra virgin olive oil with a couple drops of almond extract added to it. The sisters in the doula training taught me that one and it is a DIVINE drizzle, I'll tell you!
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