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These are cookies from my childhood, modified into a version I don't feel guilty eating. I've always thought it funny that the original is called, "No Bake Cookies," implying that you won't need to spend any time near the oven. It's not until you really look at the recipe that you realize you'll spend a good deal of time toiling over a boiling pot of sugar, butter and chocolate. In this recipe, you can just throw everything into a bowl, stir with your hands, and eat. Of course, it's nice if you can force yourself to take that extra step and actually make them into cookies first, but I'm giving you permission to eat the dough right out of the bowl if you want!

These store, PERFECTLY in the freezer. In fact, I love to eat them straight out of the freezer. They stay fresh and cold that way.

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Naturopaths without Borders

I have had the opportunity to work with Naturopaths Without Borders in Haiti on several occasions. I was so impressed with the sustainable approach to humanitarianism that they take, I practically begged to join the board.

Their "Medika Mamba Program," for example, is one that literally takes a child who is on the brink of starvation, to a healthy weight in a matter of weeks. Please consider supporting a child through the program. It's much less expensive than you may think and will not just better a life, but will save a life, bringing joy and gratefulness to the child and his or her parents.

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